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Key Card Sleeves

Key card sleeves are a necessity for any hotel. These products make it easy to keep your key cards free of scratches as well as provide a quick and easy place for the wifi password and room numbers.

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Prevents Demagnatizing

Saves you time and money by keeping key cards magnetic strip fresh and intact.

Pocket Sized

Optimized for convenient carry, and reminds your guests to hold on to their room keys, as well as saving your front desk time when your guest forgets which room they are staying in.

Totally free of charge

We take the time to perfect your products, saving you time and money, and free is always good right?

Brand-Standard Compliance

We understand your hotel/resort has certain brand requirements, and our products meet them. We are experts in this field, and we know how valuable your brand is. That's why nothing is produced without your approval.

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